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Russian Watches and Clocks - Soviet Submarine Clock - Other Clocks

Russian watches and clocks - Soviet Submarine Clock - Other Clocks

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Soviet Submarine Clock - Type: 5-CHM submarine clock Movement: 12 jewels Functions: hours, minutes, seconds Dimensions: diameter: 8.4' (21 cm); height: 3' (7.5 cm) Weight: 6.16 lbs (2.8 kg) Availability: ships within 7-9 business days Origin: Russian Federation PRODUCT DETAILS: This is a 100% authentic Russian Submarine Slock by 'Vostok' Factory, the official supplier of the Soviet & Russian Army. Its export was once prohibited, but now you can get your own right here - from Russian Legacy online store. Such clocks have been used for over 70 years by Soviet & then Russian navy and submarines. It works around the clock for a minimum of 8 days after a complete winding up of the mainspring. Its 12 jewels movement deviation due to temperature flactuations should not exceed 1 second per 1C per day within the temperature limits of +50C to -25C. Would make a terrific gift to anyone interested in Soviet and/or Russian militaria. Complaints pertaining to the functioning of this product are accepted only within 10 business days of its receipt. Factory defected items will be replaced - no questions asked....

Price: $279.95

(price correct on June 24th 2011)

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